We specialise in people, not trends.

We offer individuals the platform to grow and become the best version of themselves. With years of experience, we are helping to transform many lives, creating incredible athletes, and bringing unity to workplaces.

Our Philosophy 

There is no mystery as to what is required to succeed, we believe in self-investment, personal development, consistency as well as hard work. 

We're Flexible

Choose when and where you want to exercise, we’ll come to you whenever it suits you best.

We've got you Covered

Move SA is proudly covered by OUTsurance for all registered participants, so be sure to complete your required medical forms before participating in any of our fitness programs.

We're Covid-19 Compliant 

We observe safe social distancing during all sessions. All of our fitness equipment is sanitised after use. Our trainers and coaches wear masks and regularly sanitise. If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms, let us know and we’ll reschedule your session.

Once you have registered, we’ll match you with one of our specialised coaches or trainers.

      Who Are We?

We are an institution established to provide individuals with opportunities to improve their health and fitness. Be it in the comfort of their homes, schools, or workplace.

      How Did We Begin?

Move SA was founded in 2019, and we’re growing rapidly! We've expanded our team to include sports coaches, disability trainers, PE support instructors within schools, nutritionists, physiotherapy interns, and sports massage therapists.

     What Do We Offer?

​1. We offer personal training as our primary point of focus. Our program focuses on weight loss, toning,       mobility, and flexibility.

2. Childhood development. implementing health and fitness as PT in schools and we offer coaching support.

3.  Workplace wellness. creating unity in the workplace through team building, boot camps, and fitness training. these programs are proven to build team morale, improve performance and productivity.


All of our programs are tailored to suit your individual goals and lifestyle, institutional values, and institutional goals with a strong focus on personalized attention within groups, couples, or individual needs. 


— Aristotle